I am a hunter-gatherer designer roaming around the world, looking for things looking to be found and made. Coming from an artistic family my love for tools and for fixing, building, and making is not my choice it’s my DNA. I fall in love with shapes, colors and textures, finding inspiration by walking and pocking my nose into most unusual places. Things find me by whispering: “See me, see me”. Buildings, sculptures, plants or even your toaster hide cool little details that I like to discover and then translate into a piece of jewellery. With Dizajn Kolektiv brand I strive to make jewellery that supports effortless, elegant look both contemporary and timeless. When a child in me breaks free I create not-so-serious and fun pieces, the ones for a playful side of you, a necklace you can wear and then let your eleven year old daughter borrow. In essence, DK invites you to adorn your moods and enjoy.